1. Welcome to my research blog!

My goal: Sharing thoughts, concepts and progress of research along Change Management

Hi everybody out there and welcome to my blog. Here are two questions that might want to be answered: 1. Why am I doing this here? 2. Why should you read this?

# 1: Why am I doing this?

First, I must admit that publicly and uncensored writing about my research progress and   failures is quite a big challenge for me. Why? Meet me a few years ago: A perfectionist, always having everything under control.

What changed my thinking was nothing less than life – especially personal failures that proved that control is a relatively limited concept – and starting to read philosophical literature. Phenomenology hit me, proclaiming the need for bracketing assumptions, suspending your concepts in favor of the „thing itself“, asking open-hearted questions (and truly daring to know the answers)…

So, I try to document not only my own work’s becoming but also argue for a  democratic   science concept that is accessible and transparent in this process of gaining knowledge – knowing that this creates a vulnerability to critique. But this is a democratic process, monitored by me, trying to re-search what has been lost of overseen. I would like to experiment with it: Asking questions, discussing them and growing into the answers.

#2: Why should you read this?

Second, why the heck should you read this? Ok. YOU SHOULDN’T! Who am I to tell you what to do? I am just inviting to share with me some thoughts and the fascination of development of a major piece of work around one core human topic that is currenly extremely relevant in all aspects of life: Change. In politics and world economy, organizations and our own lives – who can evade change? So you may ask yourself: How do I deal with it? What creates pain and what doesn’t?

As Kurt Lewin taught us with his first model of unfreezing, changing and re-freezing active involvement of stakeholders is key to success – I would like anybody to engage in this research project by commenting and giving feedback.

Thank you!

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